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Worship services are held indoors in our sanctuary.  Greeters and ushers will be on hand to assist.

  • Please enter the church from the south parking lot door only. All other doors will remain locked.

  • You should wear a mask to whichever service you plan to attend.

  • Please use the hand sanitizing station upon entering the building.

  • Please remember to social distance.

  • Communion will be offered at every service.

  • Volunteers will be needed at each service to usher, act as worship assistant/reader and do some cleaning and disinfecting after each service. There will be training. Let us know if you can help out.

For additional St. Paul's information regarding the to Covid-19 Corona virus,

please see the Covid-19 News page of our Website.

Thanksgiving Eve Service

St. Paul's will be hosting it's Thanksgiving Eve Service online this Thanksgiving Eve.




        (Please see the Stewardship Page for more information)

Growing as Disciples and Stewards

Celebration and Faith Promise Weekend, November 21 – 22, 2020


Dear Disciples and Stewards,

Over these past weeks, our congregation has been in a conversation about the meaning of growing as disciples and stewards. We have explored the faith/discipleship practices of invite, serve, and give. Hopefully, our conversation has enabled you to consider more and connect the dots of faith and life.

The last two faith/discipleship practices that we have considered are“serve” and “give.” On Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22, 2020, we will gather for our Celebration and Faith Promise Weekend indicating how we can serve and give, sharing what God has first given us.There are two foundational reasons why we serve and give. The first is that our serving and giving is a heart filled with joy and delight for God’s gift of grace in Jesus Christ. The second reason for our serving and giving is from a sense of duty, again in response to God’s grace, to support the ministries of congregation in boldly proclaiming God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

This fall, each disciple at St. Paul’s is being invited to prayerfully consider how you might grow as a disciple and steward. To help you in this prayerful consideration is a and Please use the “Discipleship Practices Form” to prayerfully consider how you can grow as a disciple. The “Growth in Giving Chart” can help you prayerfully consider how to grow as a steward. As a guide to financial giving, please prayerfully consider a tithe or 10% of your income as a gift of joy and gratitude in response to God’s generous gift of grace. If you need time to grow into the tithe, you are invited to prayerfully consider growing your present giving by 10%. In other words, if you are presently giving $50 per week, an increase of 10% would be $55 per week.

Please put our Celebration and Faith Promise Weekend of November 21 – 22, 2020, on your calendar. In the meantime, please be praying about how you might grow as a disciple and steward.

For the months of September, October and November there will be one weekend each month dedicated to a specific faith/discipleship practice. During the worship service on the weekend of November 14-15th there will be a Bible study and faith talk that revolves around this same faith/discipleship practice.

Together, growing as disciples and stewards,

St. Paul’s Stewardship Committee



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